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Vape Pen Deep Shadow Grey Bubba Kush

69,36 €

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“A unique vaporization experience is waiting for you. Cartridge filled with 50% CBD. Impressive? Certainly the highest on the market. Based on a unique distillate, which is entirely natural hemp extract, additionally enriched with plant terpenes that synergize with cannabinoids, strengthening them. properties and taste values.

The full spectrum of cannabinoids available after the first inhalation.

Vaporization is the best way to consume CBD because:

It is characterized by the highest bioavailability of all CBD application methods, which allows you to deliver the most cannabinoids to the body, it allows us to have full control over the dose taken, because the effects, unlike other forms of application, are felt immediately, it allows us to choose the dose that is best for ourselves.

The action offered by the Vape Pen:
• feeling of relaxation and peace,
• regeneration of a tired body after physical exertion and more,
• improving the quality of sleep,
• a remedy for stress,
• better concentration and focus.

Remember to avoid pens, which contain such substances as: Vitamins A and E, glycol, glycerin and MCT oil. Research clearly indicates that these products are safe for consumption, but when heated and inhaled, they become harmful to health. Due to the fact that health is the most important for us, you will not find any of these substances in our Pena. And remember that in this case health is golden …

How is it done?

Nothing simpler – start with a gentle inhalation, inhale for 2-3 seconds, then breathe out and it’s ready. If you want more, repeat.

The kit includes: CBD cartridge, battery, charger and box. “