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PUFFIT 2 vaporizer

162,50 €

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An extremely discreet, pocket Puffit 2 vaporizer looks exactly like an inhaler! Waporyzer “on demand” – “on demand”, standing out from the background of session vaporizers. The operation of the vaporizer also refers to a medical device: it can be refilled and burned slowly, in several separate series, making it ideal for people taking marijuana for health purposes. The vaporizer has a four-stage temperature control and a very durable battery, which is usually enough for the whole day of use, about 30-35 breaths. Puffit turns off automatically after each use. The micro USB input also allows you to use the vaporizer while charging. Vaporization is a much healthier alternative method of inhaling your favorite herbs! It allows you to almost completely reduce tar emissions to which our lungs are exposed during a standard combustion process, such as in a tin or bong.