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Medicann oil 15% CBD 30ml

264,00 €

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15% CBD oil in a 30 ml bottle. Medicann CBD extracts and oils are made only from certified cannabis varieties authorized for marketing in the European Union, grown under strict control, without the use of plant protection products and away from industrial centers. Medicann has developed a unique technology for obtaining high concentrations of hemp extracts while maintaining the least invasive and natural production methods. The three technologies they use, including the method of extraction in supercritical CO2, allow obtaining wholesome products with the full cannabinoid spectrum. Studies show that Cannabis Sativa L extract with a high content of cannabidiol is much more effective than CBD when used in an isolated form. The reason for this is the presence of other cannabinoids, aromatic terpenes and hundreds of other molecules contained in the plant that increase the effectiveness of CBD’s natural action.