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Full Spectrum Oil, unfiltered CBD 18% 10ml

79,99 €

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Good sleep and regeneration. 18% hemp oil fights insomnia, helps to chase away stress and increases concentration. It is a great supplement during the period of intensified study for exams or workload. You will increase your efficiency by supplementing the cannabinoids necessary for the body. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is worth supporting the regeneration of the body of athletes and athletes. Hemp oil 18% CBD + CBDA is a unique product that is intended for everyday use. It has a rich composition of cannabinoids that help to improve the functioning of the body. It helps to keep the body in balance and increase its immunity. Full Spectrum are hemp oils that are made by cold pressing hemp and hemp seeds. The characteristic smell, color and taste come from natural plant origin. The lack of filtration, carrying out all processes at low temperatures and attention to detail at all stages of the process guarantee the highest and unique quality of products.