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Book Cannabis and marijuana in the kitchen

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Hemp and marijuana in the kitchen is a manual that comprehensively describes the properties and use of hemp for culinary purposes. The book contains 60 recipes for dishes with hemp and cannabis (marijuana) and theoretical information, based on current scientific research, on the properties of hemp and cannabis. It deals with the aspect of using cannabis for preventive, medical and recreational purposes.

The book is divided into 4 chapters:

Chapter I is a theoretical introduction (cannabis history, types of cannabis, use in everyday life)
Chapter II describes the author’s personal experiences with the use of cannabis in the kitchen
Chapter III is devoted to hemp (describes the types of hemp foods and their properties, presents the active substances of hemp and their effects on the human body, presents possible culinary applications, contains 30 recipes for hemp food dishes)
Chapter IV is devoted to cannabis (it deals with the topic of medical marijuana, describes its effects on the body, touches on the recreational aspect and changes in consciousness, describes the process of home decarboxylation, dried cannabis extraction and appropriate dosing, explains possible side effects, contains 30 recipes for dishes with extracts of cannabis)