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Aroma King e-cigarette with nicotine 20 mg Bubble gum

10,08 €

Availability: out of stock, delivery expected

Disposable e-cigarette with Bubblegum flavor. It contains 20 mg of nicotine salt. Enough for over 700 puffs.

Battery capacity: 550 mah
Liquid capacity: 2-3 ml
Nicotine level: 2-6%
Coil: Cotton
Resistance: 1.7 ohm
Battery Material: Core cobalt
Rubber coating


Unlike other devices, it offers the simplicity that adult smokers are used to. The Aroma King Disposable Cigarette is reliably designed to be immediately ready for use:

– No battery charging
– No liquid refilling, replacement of heaters and no leakage
– No buttons or switches
– No cleaning or jamming

Completely maintenance-free

Lack of fire or access to energy is no longer a problem. You turn it on and off whenever you want. The disposable Aroma King e-cigarette starts intuitively by drawing air through the mouthpiece and turns itself off when you stop using it.


The specially designed design of our Premium Aroma King product means that you can always have it with you. You can easily put it in your pocket or purse. It is not much larger than a traditional cigarette.

Efficiency and economy

Equivalent to 70 traditional cigarettes. Replaces 3.5 packs of traditional cigarettes at a much lower price!
The Disposable Aroma King e-cigarette adjusts the level of nicotine to the strength found in traditional cigarettes. Its unique formulas are based on nicotine salts and meet the highest standards.


The highest quality of workmanship and advanced intelligent technology that uses temperature regulation, thanks to which there is no possibility for the cigarette to overheat.