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Flavored rolling papers

Tissues, colloquially known as blotting papers, are commonly known among smokers. These relatively small pieces of leaves or paper are used to make rolls of tobacco or other dried herbs. The tissue papers are rolled by hand or in special machines designed for this purpose. They are made of rice straw, flax, wood pulp or hemp. A thin strip of vegetable glue is placed on its longer side so that the tissue paper does not unfold after being rolled. Currently, in addition to the traditional white tissue paper, there are also flavored tablets in many flavors and sizes to choose from. This allows every smoker to easily and discreetly compose his own twist.
Ready RAW sheets

Are you starting your adventure with smoking? Is wrapping tobacco not your best? Or maybe you are looking for a convenient and quick solution when traveling or at a party? Choose already rolled-up RAW sheets, into which you only need to add herbs and you can enjoy smoking. By choosing tissue paper from well-known manufacturers, you can be sure that your joint will burn slowly, evenly and smoothly. For gourmets, we have also prepared ready-made flavored tablets. If you decide to wrap your twists and cigarettes by yourself, it is worth getting tissue paper from well-known manufacturers that are ecological and safe. In addition, RAW, Smoking and OCB sheets ensure the highest quality and are available in many flavors and colors. Thanks to this, every smoker will find the perfect tissue paper.
The INDORSHOP.PL store offers a wide range of products related to smoking. Our assortment includes classic and flavored tablets from well-known manufacturers with a characteristic watermark and maximum smoking pleasure. Check what we have prepared for you!